Insomnia Side Effects – Insomnia Symptoms & Remedies

insomniaThere are many insomnia side effects to beware of when you are not getting enough sleep. Women especially should be mindful of their total amount of sleep because insomnia causes premature aging and in some, weight gain or the inability to loose weight, although these side effects could be found in men as well.

When a person thinks about sleep, they think about dreaming, winding down from a long, stressful day or escaping from whatever is going on in their life, but when a person is sleeping, there is so much going on in their body – cells and muscles are repairing themselves, hormones are restocking their depleted reserves while other hormones – like the human growth hormone and melatonin – are releasing in order to help repair skin and other areas of the body like organs that many need repairing.

The immune system is gearing up for the next day and the brain is also reorganizing it chemicals and cells for another day of serious concentration.

When a person does not get enough sleep their body suffers in ways that is not immediately noticeable like the dark circles under the eyes and the ‘brain fog’ that some people experience when they have been awake too long. Many research projects have been conducted on medical students and others who do not get enough sleep and these people have been compared to people who have had several alcoholic drinks.

Side effects include hypertension – high blood pressure and insomnia and other related heart problems, diabetes, memory loss and obesity. Obesity comes from the release of a hormone called cortisol and could cause weight gain when elevated (when there is no rest) over and over again. This hormone rests when you are asleep so therefore sleep is good for loosing weight or at least maintaining it.

There are also studies that prove the lack of sleep contribute to depression, accelerated aging and anxiety in many people. When we are tired, we tend to become anxious, irritable and jumpy. Our bodies have not had time to do what they needed to do when we are asleep because there has been no sleep or not enough sleep.

Without sleep, people begin to look older, their metabolism slows and they can not loose weight as they once could. When people do get enough sleep – for most people that is somewhere around eight hours – they look better and feel better with little to no insomnia side effects, inside or out.

These are just a few natural treatments for insomnia to try before seeking medical help or medications.

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