Home Treatments to Lighten Dark Lips Naturally

lighten-dark-lipsAre you looking for a home treatment to lighten your lips naturally?

Beside the obvious reasons like natural skin complexion, these are some reasons why your lips can become suddenly darker. Some factor in your lifestyle can be responsible of that: excessive use of lip color-stick, smoking, sun exposure… If you want to get back lighter lips, try those home remedies before you get into skincare products.

Home remedies to lighten up you lips in a natural way

  • Almond oil – it is a widely used methods to get rid of dark stains on your lips. Various lip glosses and balms containing this component can be found in local stores. On the other side you can also create your own lip gloss that should contain this natural oil: rub on some almond milk or almond oil and let it stay on your lips for an hour at least. Use this treatment every day for several weeks.
  • Cucumber – it is used to care of skin on various body zones. Cucumber to lighten dark skin on elbows, knees and even armpit is a common ritual. Use a few slices of cucumber to apply on your lips. Leave it on for a few minutes and repeat for a few days until you’ll see visible results.
  • Lemon Juice – Thanks to the acid content of lemon, you will remove all the dead cells and free agents from your lips. In order to combine lightening with moisturizing, it is smart to create a homemade soothing paste. Mix equal parts of honey, yogurt and lemon juice to obtain a fine paste. Apply this mixture on your lips and leave it on for at least one hour. Scrub the paste from your lips to clean it up.
  • Other all-natural ingredients – you can also try ingredients like beetroot, pomegranate, or coriander juice to fade dark areas on your lips.

Moisturize your lips

Moisturizing your lips can help lighten them. Use shea butter, or lip balm at night to help moisturize, condition, and protect your lips.

Avoid these factors

  • Home remedies won’t help if you don’t tweak your lifestyle routines a bit limit the lipstick habit – Lipsticks can contribute to lip darkening, the continuous use of colored lip sticks will encourage darkening of your lips. If you’re trying to hide your dark lips behind a lipstick, the problem will get worse, and your objective is to have beautiful glowing lips to show off, aren’t you?
  • Protect your lips from the sun – You should use sunscreen whenever you’re out in the sun, which can increase the amount of pigment in your lips. Pigments act as a natural protection for lip’s skin.
  • Avoid products that can darken your lips – Cigarettes, coffee, and tea not only stain your teeth but they also cause dark lips. Your lips become brown to purple in color. Leaving smoking and drinking coffee or tea can help you avoid further darkening. Try green tea instead as there is less stain and tannins into it.

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