How Speaking Up Can Save Your Beauty

beauty speakWhile there are plenty of people that have no problem saying what is on their minds, many others tend to be a bit timid about such things. When it comes to a person’s beauty routine, however, knowing how to speak up about the results is vital, especially when it involves the services of a professional. Visits to the hair salon are perfect examples of when failing to provide honest feedback could result in a negative experience. But it is possible to get exactly the results you want without hurting the hair stylist’s feelings.

Perhaps one of the main reasons why people don’t speak up to voice their opinion when it comes to getting their hair done is that they’re afraid of coming off as “difficult” or “picky.” The key is to learn how to communicate with your stylist in a way that is positive and gives them plenty of instruction so that their skills produce the look you want.

Individuals that have been going to their hair stylist for a long time typically won’t encounter this issue but for those that are working with a stylist for the first time or have only used their services once in a while, maintaining effective communication is a priority. One thing you’ll want to avoid is having the “whatever” attitude when you arrive for your hair appointment. For example, there are some people who aren’t quite sure what they want done to their hair and offer no direction for the stylist.

Even worse, when the hair stylist makes suggestions, the customer simply shrugs their shoulders and has no actual feedback. It’s no wonder that the results usually end up not being what they had in mind. Without proper feedback or instructions as to what you want, your hair is left to the creativity of the stylist and unless you’re okay with taking risks when it comes to your tresses, you more than likely won’t be happy when you see yourself in the mirror.

In addition to knowing what you want upfront (or at least a basic idea), it’s important to answer honestly when the stylist asks if you like what they’ve done. Simply smiling and saying you like it to be polite (when you really don’t mean it), doesn’t do either of you any good. You should always get the best results for your money.

However, there is a way to approach this type of situation. Instead of attacking what you don’t like about your hair, rephrase your feedback into the form of a question/suggestion. For example, instead of saying, “I don’t like the way you cut my bangs,” try something like, “Could you try cutting my bangs a bit shorter or make them wispier?”

It’s not only vital to communicate when dealing with giving your hair stylist feedback about their work, but also when they ask you about your comfort zone. When using heated styling tools like blow dryers, the stylist will typically ask you to let him/her know if the heat is too much.

Surprisingly, many people grin and bear it, when in reality all they have to do is politely ask the stylist to take the heat down a bit. They aren’t asking you just for fun, they want to make sure you are truly comfortable with the way they are handling your hair/scalp. Don’t be scared to speak up and let them know if they’re doing too much.

A few words can go a long way and ensure that you not only love how your hair turns out but improve the relationship between yourself and your stylist.