New Methods To Beat Your Sugar Cravings

woman craving sugarStop sugar cravings before sugar cravings stop you. What is meant by a sugar craving? If it is a true disorder in your body then you need to see a doctor.

If you find yourself very tired and in need of a nap because you have not had any sugar then you might have an imbalance in your system. If you have to have a nap because you just had a lot of sugar you might have an imbalance. If this is the case you should see your doctor about this. If you can get a referral to a dietitian or nutritionist this would be best.

The terrible truth about our medical system is that most doctors while in medical school had very little if any training in nutrition, a very complicated study. Nutrition is about what effects certain foods have on the body and how food combination’s work. It is a much neglected area of study and could do much to help people in preventing diseases from happening.

Our doctors are trained to let a disorder occur and then treat it with medication to keep the symptoms of the disease under control. If you have cravings for sugar that interfere with your life then you should go to your doctor to make sure you do not have a serious disorder in your system already. But if you want to stop sugar cravings before it gets to that stage start today to take better control of your diet.

Listen, if you want to know what is really hurting society as a whole visits your local bakery, and super market dessert area. You will find desserts filled with so many unnatural ingredients you will not be so quick to blame the sugar for your problem. Not that refined sugar is not bad for you but look at store bought pastries and you will read so many preservatives and additives with names you cannot pronounce that you will wonder how can they get them all on one label.

You will find a lot of hydrogenated oil or shortening in your favorite store bought desserts. This is even after a big campaign to eliminate hydrogenated oil from foods. This is a good idea of course. But shortening is still a major ingredient of a lot of store bought foods. Shortening is a man made oil.

Its first use was to use it in the machine rooms for lubrication. It is great because it does not need to be refrigerated. So one smart guy thought about making pastry dough with the stuff. It is now a major ingredient in most store bought desserts. And a lot of people cook home made desserts with it. But do not do this. Use regular butter. I know the media has made butter a real culprit, but it beats eating oil that was made to lubricated machines with.

Make your own desserts. Use regular sugar and butter. Do not use shortening. And you might be satisfied with your own dessert cooking. You see the store bought desserts never satisfy. They only make you want more and more and more. This might be where your sugar cravings have started.

Addiction is very real for many people and something that is hard to cure. Too much sugar can lead to many health problems for the future, so it’s surely not something you should shrug off.

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