How To Beat Stress And Feel Your Best

stress controlMany skincare companies are boasting clinical proof that their products are able to relieve stress and improve your mental health – at least for the moment. Is that possible? We asked five women to give these products a try and report back on their stress levels.

The first product put to the test by Jessie from was a bath oil with chamomile and lavender and mint. Mandy gave it a try after a particularly bad day at work that was followed by a fight with her boyfriend. “The packaging said to dim the lights, light candles and put on soft music. I thought, ‘No way. This stuff better work all by itself. No one’s given me a break today.’ I kept the lights on and slid into the tub ready to be critical of a stress relieving bath oil. Yeah right. I was immediately surprised that the aromas wrapped around me the second I disturbed the water.

This was a bath oil but it wasn’t greasy at all. This might sound crazy but it felt like the water was touching my skin like a gentle massage. I kept moving my legs to keep the water moving. The mint was really nice too. It made me feel relaxed but energized. This product gets a big thumbs up from me… and my boyfriend.”

Next we tested a stress relieving massage cream designed to reduce stress caused by fatigued muscles. Layton gave this product a real workout after a 12 hour shift as an ER nurse. “This shift was crazy. I was literally running for hours on end. My calves and shoulders and heels ached so bad by the time I got home. It was actually hard to get out of the car after my 30 minute drive home.

My husband used the massage cream on all my tired spots. I asked him not to massage me too much so I could see how well the cream did on its own. The label said the blend of exotic essential oils would penetrate my skin and do the work all by itself. It did smell good and it felt good when he rubbed it in. After 15 minutes the scent faded and I didn’t feel any different.

My hubby came back and really worked my tired muscles. That was the relief I was looking for. The massage cream did hold up and not absorb so the massage was nice, but alone it was just another cream.”

Annabella tried a stress relieving body wash followed by a stress-busting body spray after receiving some particularly bad news about a family member’s health. “I’m not naive enough to think that anything could eliminate the stress of my day, but I figured that if this product had any stress-busting abilities I needed them now.

A hot shower felt good and the body wash really did live up to the claims on the bottle. It lathered really well – enough to cover all of me without refilling my loofah. It smelled heavenly, really soft and comforting, not flowery or harsh. My skin actually felt soft and smooth and stayed that way without additional lotion after I got out.

Once I was dried off I was disappointed that my shower was over and I felt the stress creeping back. I spritzed on the body spray and the same soft scent from the shower filled my room. It lasted for hours and was a nice reminder to not give in to the worry and stress of my day. My conclusion is that if you’re looking for a bit of relief, this product really could help.”