Are Designer Products Worth The Price Your Paying?

Some of us may not have the luxury of not having to worry about how beauty and skin-care shopping affects our wallets. Still, some of us may have plenty to devote to our beauty needs, but still don`t want to pay for something just because it`s the latest trend. We often wonder if those department store versions of the products we can find at the local drugstore are worth it. That is, are we paying for actual results or are we paying for the name on the bottle. If you`re one of those girls who refuses to shop for drugstore or mass-produced products, you may be surprised at our findings.

Beauty Experts Tell the Truth About Beauty Products

We were surprised to learn that most beauty experts agree that just because its a department store product, doesn’t mean it’s better than the drugstore version. In fact, some products may be quite farther from this reality. Many beauty experts say that some of the best products are found in the drugstores and that most new trends begin here. So if you`re relying on results because of the name on a bottle or the price tag, you may want to think twice.

Drugstore vs. Department Store

Drugstore products can give you the same results as department store products, for considerably less dough. Because of the marketing strategies of department stores and our association with higher-priced products and celebrity status, it`s easy for these companies to have us believe that the more money we pay, the better results we`ll get. Well, that just isn`t always true. If you browsing through a department store and find yourself tempted to spend half of last weeks paycheck on a tiny bottle of miracle serum, ask yourself if you`re buying because of real, provable, scientific results, or if your buying a name that is associated with glamour.

The Misconception About Drugstore Products

First of all, know that if you purchase a drugstore product and you don’t end up fancying it as much as you anticipated, keep the receipt and don’t be afraid to return it. Department stores always take products back and so will the drugstores. Do your research when it comes to drugstore products and choose some that fit your skin type and have a good reputation. Even though it’s not a department store, most of the drugstore clerks that work in the beauty section have a good grasp on which products work and which lack a little – don`t be afraid to ask questions.

While shopping at a drugstore for beauty products, don`t be afraid to treat it just as if your in the department store. You`re doing something good for your budget and not forking over your hard earned money just for a fancy name. In the past, it`s just been way too easy for skin-care companies to have us believe that quality comes with a fancy name, a fancy package, and an all-around fancier shopping experience.

All-Time Best Tools to Keep In Your Makeup Bag

I’m a total sucker for the “latest and greatest”, what’s “hip and cool” and I have an overflowing makeup bag (3 of them actually) to show for it. These are not makeup bags that travel with me because they are overflowing with must-have tools that revolutionize the way I wear my makeup everyday. No, these bags sit at the bottom of a drawer. I won’t empty them though because they contain a small fortune in not-at-all-helpful, completely bogus beauty tools.

Why do I, and so many perfectly intelligent women, continue to purchase all this junk? It’s because there is a real need for something that will work and we constantly see another prospective answer when we see an ad for the newest eyelash curler or set of brushes.

So here it is, the list of all-time must-have tools that you need in your makeup bag. Shockingly enough the list isn’t long – certainly not 3 bags worth.

First, is the single greatest touch-up tool of all times, the compact, retractable, hollow handle powder brush. It’s small enough to slip in a clutch or any size makeup bag. Filled with full coverage mineral powder, it can cover a midday breakout, freshen your face after-hours and absorb excess oil. The hollow handle allows you to keep using the same brush every season as your tan fades and your powder shade lightens.

A second brush filled with mineral bronzer in a shade lighter than you would normally use adds just the right color boost over your makeup without causing you to look like you applied a second coat of color with a spatula.

Next is the ultimate brush combination, an eyebrow brush and comb on one end with a stiff bristled, slant-cut applicator brush on the other. This is mother of all eyebrow tools. You groom your brows with the brush and comb and apply eyebrow powder in a perfectly executed line with the other. This tool creates precision lines, but still blends color perfectly so you don’t look painted. It also works like a dream for lashes. The applicator brush is perfect for applying powder liner. The brush and comb separate lashes should you get the dread mascara clumpage and when dampened, prep lashes for touch ups later in the day.

You’ve got to have the lipstick caddy with built-in mirror. It’s just big enough to fit your favorite tube of lipstick or gloss. It’s designer cute so you won’t mind busting it out anywhere. The long mirror is perfect for putting on lipstick or taking a peek at your eyes or hair without looking like the kind of girl who needs to check her self out. This tiny caddy is indispensable. Once you’ve had one, you’ll never want to be without it.

The last must-have is perhaps the most dual-purpose item ever created, the cotton swab. We found a tiny, totally green cardboard caddy that holds ten swabs – perfect for your makeup bag. It may seem silly but once you have them on-hand, you will be lost without them! They are perfect for cleaning up lipstick smudges, mascara or liner runs; they apply just the right amount of anything anywhere and they stand-in as applicators for eye shadow, liner or lipstick when you’re on-the-go.

Pack your bag with these handy helpers and you’re good to go!