Are There Cosmetic Benefits to Having Sex?

We all know that sex makes us feel good but can it also make us look good? Several recent studies seem to lead to that conclusion.

For instance, those steamy nights can double as gym time. At the very core of it, sex is a very pleasurable form of aerobic exercise. Now it won’t replace regular trips to the gym, it might just do more good for your body than you may have thought. Thirty minutes of sex can burn approximately 150 calories – less than the same amount of time on the stair climber but more than an average yoga class (115 calories). In fact, sex three times a week for a year burns more calories than running 75 miles and, according to the Kinsey Institute, we lose about five pounds a year due to sex alone. And all that exercise can pay off in your appearance.

According to a 1999 study by Scotland`s Royal Edinburgh Hospital, an active sex life can make you look up to seven years younger. Sexual activity increases the flow of blood to your organs and floods your system with fresh oxygen and hormones and the endorphins released by your brain during sex can help relieve stress, alleviate minor pain and even boost your immune system.

During orgasm, there is a surge of oxytocin, a hormone that may account for both the stronger emotional connection between you and your partner and the tension relief you feel afterward. Oxytocin plays a role in regulating your blood pressure and body temperature and is also thought to have a role in relieving pain and promoting healing.

According to Dr. Carol Rinkleib Ellison, psychologist and author of Women`s Sexualities, a satisfying sexual experience can re-boot your body in much the same way you would re-boot your computer.  And when you feel better, you look better. Other positive cosmetic benefits reportedly linked to sex are healthier hair (thanks to increased estrogen production) and clearer more glowing skin. Not to mention the fact that sex strengthens your bones and, when done right, can become a great cardio workout that can markedly tone your muscles.

And, while not a cosmetic benefit, an additional health bonus of sexual activity is that it may help to prevent endometriosis, a fairly common gynecological condition that occurs when the tissue lining the inside of the uterus grows in other areas, such as on the ovaries or fallopian tubes. This condition can cause pelvic pain and sometimes infertility. A recent study published in Gynecologic and Obstetric Investigation Indicates that women who are sexually active during their periods are less likely to develop endometriosis than women who avoided sex during their periods. The researchers also found that orgasms during menstruation can further lower endometriosis risk by pushing menstrual debris out of the uterus.

So sex can help you burn calories, feel better, look better and even help prevent future health problems. According to a study performed by Dr. David Weeks, a clinical neuropsychologist at Scotland’s Royal Edinburgh Hospital, sex can actually slow the aging process. So what’s not to love?

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