Angular Cheilitis – Its Causes and Treatment

Angular cheilitis attacks the skin around the mouth’s corners, which leads to inflammation and painful cracks. Sometimes, bleeding occurs depending on the severity of the case. There are several factors that may lead to this skin disease. Poor oral hygiene, poor nutrition and deficiencies in riboflavin (Vitamin B), iron and zinc are some of the common causes of angular cheilitis.

Symptoms of Angular Cheilitis

One of the first symptoms of this skin disease is chapped lips. Although this is not a cause of concern by itself, it can develop into angular cheilitis if licked continuously. Most people think that licking the lips moisturizes their skin. However, what really happens is the total opposite – it aggravates the condition. The saliva boosts the possibility of infection as it contains lots of bacteria. Angular cheilitis can worsen for people who live in cold or humid climates. Angular cheilitis is also most likely to occur in children and older people as they have weaker immune systems and are more sensitive to extreme temperatures.

Treatment options

For the treatment, it should be kept in mind that this skin disease is something that should be taken seriously. Never try to cover it up or ignore it as this will only make the condition worse. You can start treating angular cheilitis by eating healthy foods as this will boost your immune system and help you fight against various diseases such as angular cheilitis. Take enough vitamins and minerals as it will help you eliminate those split corners that cause you a lot of pain.In addition, you must always keep the affected area dry.

Dry skin will easily heal when it’s left dry instead of moist. If the area becomes too dry that you’re already feeling uncomfortable, you can apply a little amount of honey around your mouth. This will reduce the redness and relieve dry skin. Do not rub your skin to prevent irritating it and suffering from too much pain.

Drinking more water on a daily basis will also help treat angular cheilitis. Water can keep your skin moisturized naturally and all you have to do to experience its benefits is increase your water intake. Drink around eight to ten glasses every day. The water will serve as a protective barrier to the skin. This will keep the moisture trapped in the skin, which will in turn prevent angular cheilitis from occurring.

Sometimes, sufferers use ointments to treat this skin condition. However, the ointment will only offer temporary relief to the sufferers. What it does is only treat the symptoms, which is also the reason why lots of people end up fighting angular cheilitis for years as it keeps coming back. The best way to deal with this skin condition is to treat the main cause of the problem.

If the angular cheilitis is due to lack of vitamins or poor nutrition, start eating healthy and follow a well balanced diet. On the other hand, if poor oral hygiene is the main culprit, it’s a good thing to start changing your habits. Practice good oral hygiene and you will surely prevent angular cheilitis from developing.

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