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Sometimes it’s good to slow down in life, take a deep breath and relax. So why should your exercise routine be any different? If you’re already overworked from a busy day, your usual vigorous exercise routine probably isn’t going to help the situation. So what can you do?  If you’re as dedicated as we are about keeping fit, a great alternative in exercise is yoga.

Yoga is an age-old Indian philosophy that harmonizes your mind, body and soul with a combined routine of exercise, breathing and meditation.  It can increase flexibility in your joints, detoxify the body and give you muscle tone. It has even been proved to help prevent asthma, high blood pressure, back pain and arthritis.  When performing yoga, breathing is the most important part of the exercises. When breathing, make sure it is natural and not forced. Breathe in and out for at least three breaths during each pose. Don’t ever hold your breath during a pose.

There are several different types of poses you can do for yoga.

  •  Sitting poses are the most common and used for relaxation and meditation. They are also used as a warm up and a great way to keep your posture in check.
  • Standing poses are another common pose that are generally used for warming up. Standing poses are great for strengthening the legs and keeping balance.
  • Counter poses allow you to stretch the spine in the opposite direction or return it to a natural position.
  • Balancing Poses can help to improve balance while helping you to focus and relax your mind.
  • Inversion poses can help to improve the blood circulation while relaxing your mind. Many believe that inversion poses can help you feel and look years younger.
  • Relaxing and Restoring poses offer you a way to really relax your body and mind by allowing all of the stress and negative energy to be released through these poses.
  • Twisting poses are great for stretching and strengthening the back and stomach muscles. It also allows improvement in your blood circulation.
  • Forward poses are great for stretching the entire back and hamstrings. They allow you to keep your spine in great check.
  • Back poses allow you to help strengthen the back as well as the chest, but they are often the most difficult pose to do.

A Yoga Exercise you Can Try

Begin by standing with your feet a part and your arms straight out at your sides.  Take a slow deep breath and visualize a rush of energy flowing into your left arm, through your body and out of your right arm. Now slowly breathe out. You should begin to feel a rush of energy flowing through you. Repeat the exercise if needed.

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