All About Salon Nails

So you walk into the salon intending to treat yourself to just a simple and relaxing manicure or perhaps you’re considering a nice set of acrylics for a change? Well while you’re waiting for the next available manicurist, you may happen to glance at the large “menu”, so to speak, that most nail salons have on constant display, and begin changing your mind. After all, there are so many different options to choose from nowadays when one is considering artificial nails. We’ll tell you what your options are, how they’re different and which ones are most popular.

Back In the Day: The Original Acrylics

It used to be that women had only one option when going for the long look – sculptured and acrylics. This version has stood the test of time – it is the original method for artificial nails and yet still the most popular. This method consists of acrylic being sculpted on the nail, over metal, foil, an artificial nail tip, or directly over the natural nail. Most women choose this method because of its strength; acrylic is stronger and last longer than any other method and women can go much longer in between visits, thereby saving more money than the other methods.

Because acrylic and sculptured nails can look thick and unnatural, are prone to lifting, and can have a short life if not done correctly, most women have extreme loyalty when finding a qualified manicurist that gives them great results. A good manicurist can give you thin, solid, natural looking acrylics that will last you until your next appointment.

So What’s all This Other Stuff?

All the new stuff on the menu at your local nail salon can be a little intimidating. A linen wrap sounds like some sort of new bed clothing, and a fiber wrap? Well, let us clear up your confusion for your next visit to the manicurist.

Silk, Linen and Fiber Wraps

It’s really rather simple: wrapping is a method where a manicurist wraps the nail with a piece of silk, linen, or the most popular, fiberglass. The wrap is shaped and applied to the natural nail to add length and give strength, and each version has it pros and cons. The fiberglass has many fans because it gives both a natural look and lots of strength. The silk wraps, while very natural-looking, don’t boast a lot of strength, and the linen wraps, while stronger, tend to add thickness and are not as transparent.


And finally, gel. This version can get a little more expensive than the other versions because it takes longer and is more in depth. Since no guide is used and the gel is applied directly to the nail, shaped, and then dried under ultra-violet light, the process is a bit lengthier. Some clients like this version because visits are less frequent since gels last longer than wraps and acrylics.

So, now that we’ve made the nail salon menu a bit less confusing, the choice is yours!

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